Glass Office Walls, Doors & More!

Design your next glass project with Northwestern Glass Fab. Our team of industry-leading glass fabrication experts is available to assist you with your custom glass project, from ideation to conception. We’ll help you fabricate the most innovative and fitting products to fit your interior design specifications.

Glass Wall Systems

  • Demountable Wall Systems. A standing glass wall system will give the space you’re designing an added touch of luxury as well as design versatility. Customize any room with countless combinations using movable glass panels. Each of our glass wall systems are easily mounted to the floor and/or ceiling for structural integrity and safety. And when it’s time to change up the look of the space, the floor and ceiling mounts can be removed and reinstalled in a new location or configuration.
  • Glass Partitions. Northwestern Glass Fab can create luxurious glass partition systems. Often installed to replace solid, drywalls, glass partitions are perfect for creating an open feel, while adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. Semi-permanent glass partitions are perfect for adding design creativity to your next project.
  • Glass Entrances. No matter the look and feel you want for your interior glass entrance, Northwestern Glass Fab can create the perfect solution for you. If you’re assisting with the design of a new build or remodel, the addition of an all-glass wall and entrance can truly open up and enhance your space.
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Glass Marker Boards

Modernize any office space with a contemporary and customized glass marker board from Northwestern Glass Fab. Options include magnetic, non-magnetic, one-sided, two-sided, and traditional white or custom colors. Our premium glass marker boards are stylish, durable, easy to maintain, and able to withstand years of heavy use. You can choose a glass marker board in the following styles:

  • Traditional white
  • Glossy or matte finish
  • Clear, transparent
  • Back-painted (any color)

Each of our customized marker boards are carefully inspected after every phase of the fabrication process to ensure a flawless, durable product. Whether you choose to have your glass marker board mounted on the wall or as a stand-alone piece, Northwestern Glass Fab can design the perfect glass marker board for your space.

Painted Glass

Painted glass allows you to transform clear glass into any color of your choosing. Customers choose painted glass for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, office walls and more. With painted glass, you have unlimited design and color possibilities.

Etched Glass

Custom etching can be applied to any glass type of your choosing and has unlimited design options—perfect for adding privacy or providing custom designs to glass office walls. We also etch mirror glass to give you the option of backlighting it, creating a stunning yet functional effect. Give us your ideas and let us create a custom etched glass product for you today!


Northwestern Glass Fab offers large or small mirrors for businesses and homeowners. Whether your company needs new bathroom mirrors or a mirror wall, or if you have a design client who would like custom mirrors for their home, Northwestern Glass Fab can create the perfect solution with our clear, low-iron or tinted mirror options.

Types of Mirror Glass

  • Tinted
  • Low Iron
  • Multiple Thicknesses
  • Transparent Mirror (Mirropane)

Mirror Services

  • Vinyl Backed
  • Custom Etched

Mirror Edge Options

  • Pencil Polish
  • Flat Polish
  • Beveled
  • Mitered


Glass tabletops can be used in various ways, including as furniture protectors, as its own tabletop on a pedestal, or as a glass insert that fits in its own frame. The glass we fabricate can be designed to fit any color, cut, and style our clients require. From tempered glass, styled glass edges, to custom colors, our fabrication specialists can do it all.

  • Type of glass. You have many options to choose from. You can choose from patterned glass, painted glass, frosted glass, etched glass, and more for your design.
  • Glass thickness. Whether you require a thicker and more durable glass for use as a stand-alone tabletop, or simply need a stylish glass desktop cover, we have multiple thicknesses of glass to choose from to meet the needs of your client.
  • Custom cut. Though we cut traditional glass shapes (squares, circles, or rectangular, etc.) on a regular basis, our experts can also cut any custom shape to your specific design preferences. We digitally trace the pattern desired and utilize our sophisticated glass cutting equipment to make an exact duplicate of the shape you are looking for.

Each of these customizable design options are typically best suited for specific projects. And for each project, there is typically an ideal glass type, edge polish, and thickness to ensure a lasting product.

Furniture Protection

  • Glass thickness: A glass tabletop protector is typically thinner than other tabletop options. The preferred thickness is ¼”. Other options, such as ⅜” or ½”, can also be used.
  • Edge type: For a clean look that aligns with its tabletop, a flat polished edge is the preferred look – but other polish edges, such as pencil or beveled, can be used as well.
  • Glass strength: Typically, annealed glass is the best option to protect the table. However, tempered glass can be added for safety, especially if young kids will be using the table.

Glass on a pedestal

  • Glass thickness: Typically, thicker glass is required for this type of table, as the glass is taking the brunt of the surface weight with no other structural support. We recommend ⅜” or ½”.
  • Edge type: Any type of polished edge can be used based on the look and feel you want for your glass furniture.
  • Glass strength: We recommend tempered glass for this type of tabletop for added safety and strength.

Glass embedded in a frame

  • Glass thickness: These types of glass tabletops are typically seen outdoors at restaurants or patios. Tempered pattern glass is a common choice for these applications.
  • Edge type: For a clean look that aligns with its tabletop, a flat polished edge is the preferred look – but other polishing options, such as pencil polish or beveled, can be used as well.
  • Glass strength: We recommend using tempered glass for this tabletop option, as it adds safety and strength.

For more information about our glass tabletop options, contact us at 763-762-1750.


Glass shelves are a fantastic way to add beautiful design to a space. All glass shelves fabricated at Northwestern Glass Fab are sturdy and capable of withstanding various amounts of weight, depending on the shelf thickness, strength, and design. No matter the shape or size of shelving you are looking for, trust the professionals at Northwestern Glass Fab.

We typically see glass shelves or shelving units used for:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail stores

Glass Doors and Hardware

  • Shower Doors. Turn that outdated bathroom into a space of luxury with a beautifully crafted glass shower door. You can choose from either a framed or frameless, fully customizable shower door in clear, low-iron, frosted, tinted, or textured glass.
  • Interior Sliding Doors. Typically incorporated into a glass wall system, sliding doors are perfect for an area with limited space while still offering a unique look.
  • Interior Hinged Doors. Typically, hinged doors can be incorporated into any glass wall system. Whether you choose a clear, etched, or frosted look for your glass doors, the glass still gives the space a look of openness and light.
  • Door Hardware. Northwestern Glass Fab has numerous, premium-grade shower door hardware options in stock that can complement the beauty of your new shower door. Each of our hardware options are available in several finishes to match your space’s decor.

All of our products are made to order, allowing for complete customization to fit your architectural needs. For more information about our commercial architectural and safety products, contact us today at 763-762-1750.