Northwestern Glass Fab offers large- and small-scale mirrors for businesses. Whether your company needs new bathroom mirrors or a new mirror wall, or whether you have a client who would like one or multiple custom mirrors for their home, Northwestern Glass Fab provides the highest-quality mirrors available so you can be assured that your customer will receive the best products possible.

Types of Mirror Glass

  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Low-Iron
  • Multiple Thickness
  • Mirropane (two-way mirror)

Mirror Services

  • Vinyl Backed
  • Custom Etched

Mirror Edge Options

  • Pencil Polish
  • Flat Polish
  • Beveled
  • Mitered

Mirror Types, Services, and Edge Options

Types of Mirror Glass

  • Tinted. Mirror tinting allows you to give your decorative piece a unique, eye-catching look. Choose to replicate a simple, distressed mirror, or tint your mirror with a touch of gold. Whichever tint style you choose, your one-of-a-kind mirror will add that elegant touch to any room.
  • Low Iron. Virtually colorless in appearance, low-iron glass is manufactured with a reduced iron content, making for less of that typical greenish tint in most clear glass.
  • Multiple Thickness. We stock mirrors in thicknesses ranging from 3/32” to ¼”.
  • Mirropane. This product acts as a “two-way” mirror. Under the right lighting conditions one side has a mirrored surface while the other is tinted and can be seen through.

Mirror Services

  • Vinyl Backed. Typically used on any style of mirror, vinyl backing is the process of attaching an adhesive protective film on the back of the mirror. This is typically used for safety to prevent people from being injured, should the glass break.
  • Custom Etched. A popular choice for customizing a mirror’s design, etching gives a mirror a unique look and originality.
  • Custom Etch for Backlighting. One of the more stunning and unique mirror design applications, a back-lit mirror can add a modern and elegant tone to any room. Back-lit mirrors are typically used in retail store dressing rooms but can easily be used for bedroom or bathroom vanity mirrors as well. When you incorporate an etched design, it immediately transforms from an ordinary mirror into a beautiful piece of art.

Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls can provide an outstanding aesthetic for any commercial lobby, bathroom, gym, or even yoga studio. Mirrors applied in a large format such as this can give the wall a beautiful, seamless look. Benefits of a mirrored wall in your office or home include:

  • Gives the illusion of space. Well-placed mirrored walls help give any room the illusion of added space.
  • Improves lighting. A mirrored wall can reflect light from both natural and artificial sources to brighten any room.
  • Hides imperfections. If you’re working on a remodel of a home or business and want to cover a specific wall, a mirrored wall is the perfect solution for hiding discolored paint or minor cracks.
  • Low maintenance. A fully painted wall requires a reapplication of paint every few years. However, mirrors require little to no upkeep besides the occasional glass cleaner.

Rest assured, throughout the mirror fabrication process, our experienced glass technicians will make sure you receive an excellent product every time. For more information about our mirror fabrication services, contact us today.