Shower Glass Doors & Walls

Turn that outdated bathroom or washroom into a space made for luxury with a beautifully crafted glass shower door. All of our frameless and framed shower doors are made to order, allowing our interior design clients the opportunity for complete customization.

Glass Shower Doors

  • Frameless
  • Framed
  • Shower door hardware

Framed Shower Doors

We work with interior designers, contractors, and craftsmen to create stunning, one-of-a-kind shower door enclosures. Framed shower doors do not leak and add functionality and beauty for years to come.

Frameless Shower Doors

Why go frameless? Upgrading to a frameless shower door adds a touch of luxury and increases the value of the shower and bathroom. A glass shower door and walls can transform the look of any bathroom into a spacious place for relaxation. The beauty of the customizable architectural glass allows interior designers to experiment with light, flow, and elegance.

In the past, all glass shower doors and walls required some type of metal frame around the edges to better hold the thin glass in place. Today, however, frameless shower doors are made from tempered (strengthened) glass and are anywhere from .375 – .5 inches thick, adding to door strength and stability. And for the look of the glass itself, you can choose the always-trendy look of clear glass, or add an extra textured or frosted touch.

Shower Door Glass Types

Ever-changing design trends have allowed Northwestern Glass Fab to create a variety of glass types, patterns, and colors. The following are all different glass types we offer:

  • Clear glass. This standard clear look is most commonly used for shower doors and enclosures. It is easy to maintain and provides high clarity with a very minimal greenish tint.
  • Frosted glass. This glass look is produced by acid etching regular, clear glass to give it a smooth, satin-like appearance. Benefits include a luxurious look, easy maintenance, and the admission of soft light into the space.
  • Low-iron glass. This type of glass is manufactured with a reduced iron content, making for less of the typical greenish tint found in most clear glass. Benefits include exceptional clarity, a colorless appearance, and higher light transmission.
  • Rain (textured) glass. This beautiful, vertical pattern of rain on a glass shower door gives a distinctive yet stylish look. Only one side of the glass is patterned, making for easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Colored glass. Colored glass provides a tinted yet still opaque look, making it a unique choice for a shower door while also adding to the shower’s privacy.


  • Door hinges. Choose between a pivot hinge or side-mount hinge. A pivot hinge is secured at the top and/or bottom of the door, allowing for a more seamless look without the interruption of the hinge hardware. A side-mount hinge—the most common type of door hinge—is attached to the side of the door. Both offer differences in appearance and functionality.
  • Metal clips/clamps. All frameless shower doors require at least one type of hardware. You can choose from sturdy metal clips or or you can design it with U-channels. What do each of these do, exactly? Metal clips secure the glass panels to the floor, wall, or adjacent panel, preserving the all-glass look. U-channels are the long rails at the base that your glass panel sits in.
  • Door handles. Northwestern Glass Fab has numerous, premium-grade shower handles in stock that can complement your new shower’s beauty. Each of our handles are available in several finishes to match your bathroom’s decor.

Hardware finishes

  • Chrome
  • Matte Black
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

Glass Protection for Easy Cleaning

  • Guardian ShowerGuard. Hard water, heat, humidity, soap and even cleaning agents can spot, discolor and corrode the surface of ordinary glass, making it look dull over time. ShowerGuard glass provides permanent, proven protection. It stays beautiful for a lifetime—guaranteed. ShowerGuard glass is coated using a patented technology. The result is an invisible protective barrier that prevents the glass from showing signs of age and build-up of permanent damage. Let ShowerGuard glass complement your bathroom design with lasting beauty.
  • ClearShield. Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, ClearShield® upgrades unprotected glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass™, a low-maintenance, easy-clean and anti-microbial surface.
    • Saves cleaning time and effort
    • Keeps your shower looking like new
    • Eliminates the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning products

If you have a client or customer who’s in need of a stunning new look for their bathroom, call on Northwestern Glass Fab to create the beautiful piece they’re looking for. We offer a variety of durable, high-quality glass types, styles, and finishes to suit your design needs. Contact us today to get started.