At Northwestern Glass Fab, we specialize in custom glass fabrication—it’s what we have done for over a century. If it can be done to glass, we can do it. We use the most modern equipment available and have experienced glass technicians with many years of experience creating high-quality custom glass products. See below for some examples of our specialties.

Flat Glass Fabrication

  • Custom Cutting
  • Tempering
  • Insulating
  • Edge Polishing
  • Cut Outs and Notches
  • Custom Shapes and Shape Polishing
  • Vinyl Backing
  • Sandblasting
  • Clear Shielding
  • Water Jet Cutting

Custom Glass Cutting

Our state-of-the-art glass cutting equipment provides precise, quality cuts every time. Because we are a full-service glass fabrication company, we can cut any flat glass product available. We can custom cut common glass items such as windows, mirrors, and doors. However, we even have the capabilities to custom cut other types of glass, such as cabinet glass, tabletop glass, shelving, and fireplace glass.


New in 2018, Northwestern Glass Fab began operating a new 84” x 196” high-speed tempering oven. This oven is designed to service our glazing, commercial interiors, manufacturing, and store fixture customers. This, along with our existing glass fabrication capabilities means we do everything in our facility, allowing us the flexibility to meet your tight deadlines.

Insulated Units

Insulated glass units consist of two or more panes of glass that are separated using a spacer to create a space of air between them. They are then sealed around the edges to prevent moisture from penetrating that space. This glass fabrication technique helps to minimize the transfer of hot or cold air, making it an energy-efficient window option for homes and businesses. Rest assured, all of our insulated glass is IGCC certified and goes through multiple inspections to ensure a quality and effective product.

Edge Polishing

Edge polishing makes glass safer for handling, but its real purpose is to add a stylish finish to your glass purchase. Polishing the edges gives glass its “finished look” and is used in products such as shelving, glass walls, shower doors, etc. See below for many of the different options available from Northwestern Glass Fab. Click on the illustrations to the left to see more.

  • Flat PolishFlat Polish. Typically the most popular choice of edgework, flat polished edges give you a high polished and glossy appearance, perfect for almost any application.
  • Pencil PolishPencil Polish. This edge gives you a rounded edge rather than a flat edge. It is a smooth, glossy finish and is a popular style if you are looking for a different look.
  • Beveled EdgeBeveled Edge. Beveled glass is perfect for an elegant look and is typically used in vanity mirrors, decorative mirrors, or tabletops.
  • MiterMiter. Using similar techniques as flat edge polishing, mitered glass edges are flattened down. However, the entire edge of the glass is then mitered at an angle, anywhere from 0° – 45°.

Cut Outs

Is your glass or mirror in need of holes or special cut outs? Our state-of-the-art equipment, operated by our experienced glass technicians, can cut holes or notches for any glass project. Things like shower doors, conference room tables, and other custom glass products may require this type of fabrication. No matter the shape or size, give us your measurement requirements and we’ll bring your project to life.

Custom Shapes

Northwestern Glass Fab specializes in custom-cut glass for various projects such as tabletops, showers, shelving, mirrors, entryways, and more. Our glass professionals can work with interior designers, manufacturers, and contractors to create custom shapes to match any pattern or design.


Vinyl Backing

Typically used on any style of mirror or safety glass, vinyl backing is the process of attaching an adhesive protective film on the back of the glass. This is typically used as a safety feature to prevent people from being injured, should the glass break.


Sandblasted glass is perfect for any type of glass project for architects, interior designers, retailers, manufacturers, and more. How it works: our sandblasting machines spray a high-pressure abrasive at the glass to roughen its surface. This method of glass design can take any normal piece of glass and give it a fresh appearance while still maintaining natural light. Choose to add frosted logos, shapes, and even images to any glass surface, including glass shower doors, conference room glass walls, glass signs, and more.

Clear Shielding

Hard water creates unsightly and resistant water spots on unprotected glass. The limescale from the hard water etches the surface of glass over time. ClearShield helps resist the buildup of limescale and is proven to have hygienic properties. This means cleaner and brighter glass for your shower door, which keeps it looking brand new for years to come.

Water Jet Cutting

Water jets are ideal for making high-quality cut outs and holes in glass. Many things like frameless shower doors, mirrors, signs, and countless other architectural applications require glass with these special cut outs and holes. Water jets can cut any shape in any thickness of glass, giving you endless possibilities to make your ideas to come to life.

Northwestern Glass Fab is an industry leader in glass fabrication, glass cutting, and a variety of other glass manufacturing specialties, from design assistance to delivery. Contact us today at 763-762-1750 to get started.