Northwestern Glass Fab offers a variety of specialty glass products not typically used in every business or dwelling. Our experienced glass technicians can create custom designs to your specifications and budget. With Northwestern Glass Fab, you can be sure your customized glass project will be a one of a kind.

Types of Specialty Glass

  • Glass Marker Boards
  • Patterned Glass
  • Custom Etched Glass
  • Custom Painted Glass
  • Satin Glass

Glass Marker Boards

Give your office space a modernized look with a contemporary and customized marker board from Northwestern Glass Fab. Our premium glass marker boards are stylish, durable, easy to maintain, and are designed to withstand years of heavy use. Our standard glass marker boards come in a bright white finish but can also be produced with any color you wish. We also offer magnetic glass marker boards and two-sided boards for office partitions.

Each of our customized marker boards are carefully inspected after every phase of the fabrication process to ensure a flawless, durable product. Whether you choose to have your glass dry erase board mounted on the wall or as a stand-alone piece, Northwestern Glass Fab can design the perfect glass marker board for your space.

Pattern Glass

Northwestern Glass Fab offers many varieties of patterned glass products to enhance the look of any glass wall, shower door, shelving unit, and more.

Custom-Etched Glass

This is a popular choice because it allows for limitless design possibilities. Ask us about your custom-etched glass design plans today because if you can dream it, we can etch it.

Why choose personalized etched glass?

  • Increases privacy
  • Livens up any space
  • Fully customizable

Painted Glass

Back painting allows us to transform any type of glass into the color of your choosing, giving it a vibrant and unique appearance. Customers choose back-painted glass for their kitchen backsplashes, bathroom shower walls, interior office walls, and even logos for commercial signs or awards. With painted glass, you have unlimited design and color possibilities.

Satin Glass

If you are looking for glass that allows just enough light through, but also gives you privacy, satin glass is a perfect choice. Satin glass is best described as a frosted look, much like sandblasted glass. We offer satin glass in multiple thicknesses to give you more creative choices for your project.

The Specialty Glass Experts

Call on Northwestern Glass Fab for our specialty glass products to create a design that’s just for you. Contact us today at 763-762-1750 to get your project started.