We Manage Projects from Start to Finish

Northwestern Glass Fab is proud to provide an all-in-one solution for your custom glass or metal project. Our team has the knowledge, capabilities, and skilled workforce to conduct estimates, handle project management, and complete the packaging, shipping, and delivery. We even provide custom crating to ensure our products arrive in perfect condition every time. Contact us today to get started!


Once we’ve received specific project information, we can quickly develop an estimate. As we develop estimates for your project, we will provide you with the following information:

  • The type of materials best suited for the project
  • A budget estimate
  • A fabrication and distribution schedule

Once the project is underway, our project coordinators will ensure all products are manufactured to your standards, that they’re completed on time, and that they’re completed within your budget. Rest assured, we approach every project as a partner, not just as a supplier, providing innovative solutions throughout the process.

Logistics & Delivery

Northwestern Glass Fab owns and operates a large manufacturing facility with a broad range of state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our specially trained operators manage the facility and are always pushing the envelope to pursue innovation and remain highly responsive to the needs of our customers. Our skilled team appreciates the importance of a quality product.

Our tight-knit relationships with various glass and aluminum manufacturers and quality control processes will ensure that all of our glass products are delivered to our customers in superior condition.

Custom Crating

If your order is shipped via common carrier, or you just want added protection for your glass, we will manufacture custom wooden crates made to fit the exact size of your glass to ensure a proper fit. We make every crate in-house to guarantee quality construction and ensure your glass products always arrive damage-free and ready for use.

We use palletized crates to ensure products arrive in full, with no breakage during transit. Our custom crating services include:

  • National shipping
  • Multiple project destination/coordination
  • Project labeling

Packaging & Shipping Management

All of our finished products are washed and wrapped in plastic to reduce scratches and keep your glass clean and ready for use.

Northwestern Glass Fab has a fleet of specialized delivery trucks that deliver products weekly throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. We are glass professionals and use trucks that are specially designed to transport glass, keeping the products dry and protected no matter the weather.

Upon delivery, our crew will thoroughly inspect each glass product to ensure all pieces are intact and ready to be unloaded and/or installed. However, if you require delivery outside of our standard shipping routes, you can be assured we’ve got you covered. Northwestern Glass Fab regularly ships our products throughout the continental United States and will always ensure your order gets to you intact and on time.

Our success is built primarily on our commitment to quality products and services. It is exemplified by the lasting customer relationships we’ve built in the past 100 years. If your company is in need of that one-of-a-kind glass addition, or to learn more about our specialty glass fabrication services, contact us today to get started.