Why You Should Invest In Frameless Glass Railing Systems

At Northwestern Glass Fab, our glass fabrication experts can help you get the look you want for the commercial business project you are designing or constructing. While there are a variety of design options you can choose from, we recommend frameless glass railing systems. Frameless glass railings provide a variety of benefits, such as safety, elegance, and versatility.

At Northwestern Glass Fab, our expert glass fabricators can create and supply the best glass railing products on the market. Since we opened for business, we have been providing clients with products that both stand the test of time and provide that added elegance every space needs.

What Kind of Glass Do We Use?

Through years of operations and in-depth studies, we have found that laminated and tempered glass are the best products used for railing systems. Not only do laminated and tempered glass enhance the appearance of any business, but they also add to the safety and durability of a railing system.

The Benefits of Tempered and Laminated Glass Railings

  • Added Elegance

    Adding glass decor to any space is a surefire way to enhance the appearance of any room or building. As the design trends have begun to move toward open spaces in recent years, glass railing systems have become more popular than ever. Our clients love how glass railings enhances the appearance of any room while staying true to their purpose: safety.

  • Enhanced Visibility

    Clear glass railings help make rooms or balconies feel more open, creating an unobstructed view of your environment.

  • Added Design Choices

    Because glass is so versatile, it’s a great design option for any business. Glass railings can be designed to look more modern or contemporary, or they can be designed to give any building a vintage charm. With such versatility, you can design your space around the railing style you choose. Additionally, the glass can be fully customized so the shape matches what your design calls for.

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