8 Types of Insulated Glass for Windows

Homeowners and business owners have multiple options for choosing window glass. The type of glass they choose depends on factors such as climate control, location, construction materials, and exposure to the sun.

Regardless of the type of glass you choose, Northwestern Glass Fab can fabricate the glass for you and make it presentable for installation. We work with interior designers, manufacturers, and builders to create custom glass to product specifications.

For information on our products and service, contact us today. Below we compare the different types of insulated glass available for your windows.

1.      Low-Emission Glass

Low-emission glass (Low-E) is glass with a thin coating of metal oxide. This the coat allows the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass into the building, while at the same time, blocks heat from leaving the room, thus, reducing heat loss.

2.      Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used in applications that require strength and where safety glazing codes must be met. Tempered glass is effective and economical in a wide range of industries such as construction, auto manufacturing, and architecture.

3.      Soft Coat Low-E Products

Our fabricators can custom-cut glass to your specification regardless of the shape. Arch-tops, trapezoids, triangles and circles are just a few of the shapes we can provide to meet your specific design needs.

4.      Custom Shapes

Fabricators can custom-cut glass to specification regardless of the shape. The ability to cut glass into shapes makes it useful for table tops, showers, display cabinets, shelving, mirrors, entryways, and more. Fabricators collaborate with interior designers, manufacturers, and builders to create custom works, no matter the measurements or pattern.

5.      Tinted Glass

Tinted windows are slightly colored to reduce the amount of heat allowed into a building and also minimizes glare.

6.      Muntin Bars

Add elegance and style to any window design by adding decorative muntin bars. Many home or business owners utilize our standard “grid” pattern for their windows. Muntin bars are also offered in patterns to enhance any basic window design.

7.      Double- and Triple-Glazed

Double-glazed or triple-glazed insulated windows contain multiple panes of glass with air space in between them. Panes are typically spaced a few millimeters apart and then sealed to keep air trapped inside. The air serves as a barrier, reducing the amount of heat transferred through the window.

8.      Reflective Coatings

Reflective coatings create a reflection on the outside of the glass. Reflective coatings eliminate glare and prevent excessive heat transfer from sunlight. They are typically used in offices or industrial buildings. For maximum efficiency, reflective window coatings should be paired with efficient lighting.

Insulated Glass for Residential or Commercial Buildings

Northwestern Glass Fab provides fabrication services for all types of windows and window design. We offer quality, service, value, and craftsmanship in every job we take on. Our projects include custom shower doors, mirrors, insulating glass, fire-rated glass, tempered, and laminated safety glass.


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