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Twin Cities Custom Glass Manufactured Products & Services

Northwestern Glass Fab is a full-service glass fabrication company committed to providing quality glass and aluminum products for commercial interior projects. Whether you’re an interior designer creating a new space or a contractor who has a client asking for custom glass or mirrors, our expert glass technicians can design and fabricate the one-of-a-kind pieces you’re looking for.

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Flat Glass

Choose a clear, tinted, patterned, or custom finish to fit your specific project needs.

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Flat Glass Fabrication

We can do anything with glass, including custom cutting, tempering, insulating, and much more.

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Safety & Fire Rated Glass

We temper in-house and stock multiple tints of laminated glass to meet safety standards.

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Insulated Glass Units

IGCC certified and goes through multiple inspections to ensure a quality and effective product.

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Custom large and small-scale mirrors in various types of glass for businesses and homeowners.

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Shower Glass

Our shower doors and custom glass are made to order, allowing for complete customization.

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Glass Walls

Space-saving walls are a versatile design element for office spaces, restaurants, and hotels.

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Specialty Glass Products

Our experienced glass technicians create custom designs to your specifications and budget.

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Architectural Aluminum

We offer innovative and customizable aluminum doors, frames, and storefront products.

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Aluminum Fabrication

Trust us to provide innovative and customizable aluminum products to your customers.

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Protection for Easy Cleaning

ShowerGuard glass is coated using a patented technology to provide permanent protection.

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About Us

Northwestern Glass Fab has provided glass and aluminum fabrication services for more than a century.

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