Protection for Easy Cleaning

Guardian ShowerGuard Glass

Hard water, heat, humidity, soap and even cleaning agents can spot, discolor and corrode the surface of ordinary glass, making it look dull over time. ShowerGuard glass provides permanent, proven protection. It stays beautiful for a lifetime—guaranteed. ShowerGuard glass is coated using a patented technology. The result is an invisible protective barrier that prevents the glass from showing signs of age and build up of permanent damage. Let ShowerGuard glass complement your bathroom design with lasting beauty.



Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, ClearShield® upgrades unprotected glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass™, a low-maintenance, easy-clean and anti-microbial surface. ClearShield® saves cleaning time and effort ,keeps your shower looking like new and eliminates the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning products.


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As a result of COVID 19 Retailers/Businesses are installing a glass barrier between Consumers and their Cashiers. The glass includes a speaker hole and a pass through slot – we can fab this to order on site! We will have a shortened lead time for this glass to support our local businesses. Please call for pricing.