Glass Walls

Glass Wall Systems

Glass walls are a popular design element for commercial office spaces, restaurants, hotels, and more. These space-saving walls have been a go-to choice for architects and interior designers when designing for urban dwellings. The transparency of a glass wall can both define and preserve space, protect from UV light, provide a sense of privacy, and give a space a more elegant, luxurious feel. Northwestern Glass Fab can provide any glass wall system and design to fit your specifications.

Types of Glass Walls

  • Demountable Wall Systems
  • Glass Partitions
  • Glass Entrances

Demountable Wall Systems

Give your space the utmost versatility with a standing glass wall system. With its movable panels, you can customize any room with limitless wall style combinations. Each of our glass wall systems are easily mounted to the floor and/or ceiling for structural integrity and safety. And when it’s time to change up the look of the space, the floor and ceiling mounts can be removed and reinstalled in a new location or configuration. 

Glass Partitions

Northwestern Glass Fab offers luxurious glass partition systems, often installed to replace solid drywalls. Glass partitions are perfect for creating an open feel while at the same time reducing noise levels of a busy office. They can do all of this while adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. Glass partitions are perfect for:

  • Openness and Privacy Combined. As stated previously, glass partitions are perfect for spaces that need to feel open, but still need to maintain some level of privacy or division. Replacing solid walls with glass partitions can help foster a sense of togetherness in a workplace.
  • Adding Light to Your Space. Adding glass walls will give your office or interior space a brighter and more inviting space to work or live in.
  • Adding design creativity. While glass walls have typically been used for allowing a transparent and relatively sound-proof barrier in spaces, you can still had a flare of creativity. Choose to give the wall a textured, frosted look, or have your company’s logo enlarged and etched into the glass. Whatever design you prefer, the possibilities are endless.

Glass Doors

Utilize virtually any glass pattern, color, or opacity to design a modern, sleek glass door for any building or interior office. An ideal glass entrance in today’s designs can be virtually frameless, adding a sleek and elegant design to any workspace.

A glass entry system features:

  • High-quality locking technology
  • Durable hardware
  • Customizable looks and designs
  • Limitless color and texture options

If you have a client or customer who is in need of a stunning new look for their office space, lobby, restaurant, etc., call on Northwestern Glass Fab to help create the look they’ve been searching for. No matter the style or size of your project, Northwestern Glass Fab can create the perfect solution for you.  Contact us today at 763-762-1750 to get your designs started.

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