Store Fixtures

Glass display pieces can showcase retailers’ products, which plays a major role with how a store’s consumers view products. Northwestern Glass Fab can help create beautiful, eye-catching display pieces to help grab customer attention as well as give any retail location a modern and classy look. We have the capabilities to create the following:

  • Display cases. Whether you have a client who needs a stand-alone display case or a case built into the wall, our team of glass experts can ensure the glass for any display piece is fabricated to any design needs.
  • Glass shelving. Glass shelves are a fantastic way to add beautiful design to a space. All glass shelves fabricated at Northwestern Glass Fab are sturdy and capable of withstanding various amounts of weight, depending on the shelf thickness, strength, and design.
  • Glass tables. Whether you have a customer requiring glass on a pedestal or glass inserted into a frame, a glass tabletop is the perfect for retailers to give their customers easy-to-view products. We can fabricate colored or textured glass into any style table top. From tempered glass to styled glass edges, our fabrication specialists can do it all.
  • Mirrors. Many retail stores that sell clothes, shoes, and other accessories may require mirrors placed throughout the store as well as in dressing rooms. We also provide custom fabricated mirrors as well as custom backlit mirrors, which are perfect for providing one-of-a-kind lighting to whoever is using it.
  • Bonded Glass. Our team has the capabilities to permanently bond any glass pieces together to create a sturdy display piece without a frame. Glass is bonded with a special UV-activated adhesive, and the result is a clear, virtually invisible seam.

Whether you have a client in need of one specific style or an array of glass pieces for a retail location, Northwestern Glass Fab is dedicated to fabricating and supplying high-quality glass components that are both beautiful and durable.

Edge polishing

Polishing a glass edge gives you a beautiful finish many applications like glass shower doors, shelving, glass walls etc. Our glass professionals can make smooth, refined edges that add dimension to glass and mirrors. Choose from any of our edge polishing options.

  • Flat Polish: Typically the most popular choice of edgework. Flat polished edges give you a high polished and glossy appearance, perfect for almost any application.
  • Pencil Polish: Unlike the flat polished edge, this edge is rounded much like a smooth pencil—hence the name. The glossy finish and luster matches the quality of flat polished edges, but gives you a different look.
  • Beveled Edge: If you are looking for an elegant look, beveled glass is a perfection option. It is typically used on vanity mirrors, decorative mirrors, or tabletops.
  • Miter. Similar to a flat polish, mitered glass edges are flat, however the entire edge of the glass is then mitered at an angle, anywhere from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.


Tempering glass adds both strength and safety to your glass. Our tempering furnace gives us the ability to temper glass in our facility for products like display case glass, glass shower doors, all glass doors and many other types of situations that require safety glass. Our tempered glass meets the requirements for ASTM C1036-01 and ASTM C1048-04 specifications for fully tempered Flat Glass.

With Northwestern Glass Fab, all of our products are made with both beauty and safety in mind. All products are also made to order, which allows for complete customization to fit your specific needs. For more information about our contractor services, contact us at 763-762-1750 today.

Contact us and find out why our service and experience really does matter.

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As a result of COVID 19 Retailers/Businesses are installing a glass barrier between Consumers and their Cashiers. The glass includes a speaker hole and a pass through slot – we can fab this to order on site! We will have a shortened lead time for this glass to support our local businesses. Please call for pricing.