Equipment Manufacturers

For years, Northwestern Glass Fab has been providing high-quality, specialized glass products for major equipment manufacturers. Our advanced glass fabrication machinery and knowledgeable technicians have the capabilities to create superior glass products that are sure to perform. Over the years, our glass products have served as the following for the manufacturers we’ve worked:

  1. Packaging Systems
    Northwestern Glass Fab provides fabricated tempered glass, used in large packaging and filling machines.
  2. Ventilation Systems
    We provide fabricated insulated glass, used for viewing windows in commercial ventilation systems.
  3. Commercial Dry Cleaning
    Northwestern Glass Fab provides fabricated tempered glass for use in large, commercial dry cleaning equipment.
  4. 3D Printing
    We provide durable insulated glass used as viewing panels for 3D printing machines.
  5. Recreational Vehicles
    We have provided glass for recreational vehicle windshields and door glass, and have the capabilities to fabricate any recreational vehicle glass to your company’s safety and design standards.

Our glass products have proven to withstand the test of time for these various industrial applications of our current customers. If you are a manufacturer who needs specialized glass for your finished product, contact Northwestern Glass Fab and allow our experienced staff help you find the solution you are looking for.

Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture manufacturers, large or small, deserve the highest quality glass products to be incorporated into their furniture designs to ensure their customers receive the absolute best. From classic, timeless looks to new, contemporary designs, Northwest Glass Fab’s array of fabrication services allows us to provide a variety of glass textures, colors, patterns, and designs to fit your company’s styles.

  • Tables. Glass for dining tables, pedestal tables, end tables, coffee tables, patio tables, and more.
  • Desks. Whether your manufacturing company creates beautiful, all-glass desks, or requires specific glass pieces for a wooden desk’s overall design, Northwest Glass Fab has the capability to create any look and feel.
  • Marker boards. Northwestern Glass Fab can fabricate glass for your customized marker board needs. Our premium glass marker boards are stylish, durable, easy to maintain, and are able withstand years of heavy use. We offer standard glass marker boards with a bright white finish, however we also offer additional color choices for magnetic glass marker boards, plus two sided boards for office partitions.
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As a result of COVID 19 Retailers/Businesses are installing a glass barrier between Consumers and their Cashiers. The glass includes a speaker hole and a pass through slot – we can fab this to order on site! We will have a shortened lead time for this glass to support our local businesses. Please call for pricing.