Technical Information

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Technical Information

Northwestern Glass Fab is committed to providing quality products and services, as well as the important product details, to our customers. Making glass the centerpiece of any design requires in-depth planning. Our project managers can help solve any common fabrication and distribution issues before they occur by carefully reviewing your specified designs in the initial planning stages.

Technical Information for Glass and Aluminum Products

  1. | Glass Wall Panel Height
    • Wall heights range from 8 feet to 12 feet
    • Heights below this range will be treated as engineering specialties
  2. | Glass Wall Thickness
    • Standard wall thickness from face to face is 4 inches
    • Airspace between glass panels allows electrical, low-profile HVAC ducting, and communications integrations
  3. | Doors
    • Available is: solid, glazed, etched, or a combination of each
    • Available as sliding doors or swing doors
    • Standard widths: 36 inches or 42 inches (custom sizes available upon request)
    • Included: standard hardware and locking mechanisms
  4. | Frame Finishes
    • Optional frame: Anodized aluminum for window and door frames
    • Optional coating: black or white powder coating
  5. | Insulated Glass Units
    • We manufacture IGUs that are classified as “dual sealed”. The two seals are the primary and secondary. The primary seal is a poly-isobutylene material, also known as PIB or butyl. The secondary seal used will be either silicone or polyurethane. The size, shape, and make-up of the IGU will determine which type of secondary seal is used. Here are the guidelines that will determine which secondary seal will be used. Click here for more information

Aluminum and Glass Maintenance

  • Solid Wall Panels - Clean with a soft, damp cloth and mild cleanser. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Aluminum Frames - Clean with a soft cloth and a dishwashing soap/water mixture. Do not clean with abrasive cleaners. Strong chemicals can damage aluminum.
  • Glass Panels - Clean with a soft cloth and mild glass cleaner. When cleaning windows with glass cleaning ingredients containing ammonia, take caution, because the formula can mottle and pit the surface of the windows’ aluminum frames.
  • Glass Marker Boards - Clean with a basic glass cleaner 2-3 times per week for heavy use.

If you’re interested in any of our custom glass products and services, Northwestern Glass Fab can make it happen. Northwestern Glass Fab is always heavily involved in virtually every facet of the glass fabrication and distribution processes to ensure a quality product is provided on time and on budget. For more information about our services, contact us at 763-762-1750 today.

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