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What are Industrial Observation Windows?

Observation windows are primarily used in the industrial world. These windows allow workers and supervisors to see what is happening inside machines and make adjustments accordingly. Observation windows offer a variety of benefits that keep your workers safe, while also allowing them to stay on task and ensure everything is running smoothly.

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Enhance Your Space With Custom Glass Walls

Frameless glass walls are now common features in many places of business. A glass wall adds a level of sophistication to any room and makes your space feel light and open. Not only do they add natural daylight, but they are also designed to repel UV rays, which creates a safer space. Additionally, the glass can be treated so it provides privacy in areas where it is needed, such as individual offices. Here, our experts at Northwestern Glass Fab will discuss the glass walls and hardware we offer, as well as their uses.

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Why You Should Choose Our Shower Doors

If you're designing a new bathroom for your next interior design project, an easy way to spruce up the room and enhance guest or tenant experience is by adding a glass shower door versus a standard shower curtain. When you choose to work with Northwestern Glass Fab, you’re getting the best in the industry. Our experts can help you decide the types of glass and hardware you need, and offer you additional features to make the space stand out.

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More Than A Window: A Look At Glass Furniture

Believe it or not, glass can be used for more than just windows for a home. That's right! There's a long list of uses for glass in ways that you may have not thought possible. One of the ways glass can be used in a home is through glass furniture, which is why we're going to elaborate on how glass furniture can improve the look of your living quarters.

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What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a specific type of glass that is often used in applications that require an element of safety should the glass break. This glass looks just like everyday glass, but goes through a very specialized manufacturing process to render it safe. Below, we will take a closer look at tempered glass and how it is used.

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How Do We Cut Glass Using a Water Jet?

The cutter is connected to a high-pressure water pump where the water is then ejected out of the nozzle, cutting through the glass with a stream of high-speed water. Additives in the form of suspended grit or other abrasives, such as garnet and aluminum oxide, assist in this process.

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What is Mirror Edge Polishing?

A flat polished edge is commonly applied to mirrors that will displayed without using a frame. This polish gives the mirror a beautiful professional finish and eliminates the possibility of cutting your hands when touching the edges.

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Custom Fabricated Glass Marker Boards

Custom glass marker boards are utilized in numerous industries and agencies across the country. Glass marker boards have become increasingly popular in churches, corporations, education facilities, and government agencies.

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What is Low Iron Glass

Low iron glass delivers maximum clarity and color neutrality. It elevates light transmission and presents views that are true to life. Manufactured using a proprietary process, quality materials, and low iron content, iron glass is noticeably clearer and more color-neutral than standard clear glass.

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8 Types of Insulated Glass for Windows

Homeowners and business owners have multiple options for choosing window glass. The type of glass they choose depends on factors such as climate control, location, construction materials, and exposure to the sun.

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