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How is Commercial Etched Glass Made?

Glass etching produces unique designs across the surface of a piece of glass. Northwestern Glass Fab provides etched glass customized just the way you like it.

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What are Electric Door Strikes, and How Do They Keep Your Building Secure?

Determining who can enter a space and controlling access are central to a building’s security. One of the most common methods of controlling access to a building or space is the electric door strike. Electric door strikes are used frequently in lock hardware.

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5 Creative Ideas for Your Interior Glass Design

Among the most important elements for any interior design, glass influences the feel and purpose of a room dramatically. Glass offers an elegant, dramatic design option. With the versatility of glass and modern fabrication techniques, the limits for design uses are virtually nonexistent.

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Understanding How Glass is Fire-Rated

When it comes to keeping a building’s occupants safe, the materials used in the building’s construction can play a crucial role in fire safety. The glass in standard windows will break when the temperature exceeds 250 degrees Fahrenheit. A broken window allows oxygen into a space, fueling a fire and causing it to expand.

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The Benefits of Insulated Glass for a Commercial Building

Investing in insulated glass windows can offer a significant return on your investment. Insulated glass windows are more energy efficient, which is great for the environment. The energy efficiency creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions and burns fewer fossil fuels. Northwestern Glass Fab provides custom insulated glass that consistently meets or exceeds the Insulated Glass Certification Council (IGCC) standards. Below are some features and benefits of insulated glass.

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Demountable Glass Walls for Commercial Properties

Running a successful business — be it a hot Internet start-up or a Fortune 500 company — can be challenging. There’s always a growing list of expenses that can eat into your profits. These include energy costs, taxes, healthcare expenses, etc. but for a growing business, one of the most concerning factors are the costs of expanding your business. The cost of leasing additional office space or acquiring more real estate to accommodate your growing workforce can be greatly reduced by the use of detachable glass walls in your commercial property.

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