Northwestern Glass Fab has been providing custom fabricated glass and aluminum products for commercial interior projects nationwide for more than 100 years, and we are always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction. When Eric Fortin joined as our General Manager, he identified a winning formula that allows us to better meet our customers’ needs.

An important variable in our formula is the use of A+W's software solutions, which incorporate tools like barcode scanning, seeing the product, and production scheduling to help us improve our On-time in Full (OTIF) number. This has helped improve our KPIs dramatically over the last four years, now shipping on-time 97-98% of the time!

By incorporating A+W's software solutions, Northwestern Glass Fab has all of the right tools to succeed in a competitive glass market – both statewide in Minnesota and nationally.

Learn more about our winning formula in “A+W Is the Glue That Makes the Company Run” from our partners at A+W!